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The ultimate guide to making the Birkenstock Outlet Online cool, according to a Vogue fashion editor

It’s no secret that Birkenstocks were once brandished with the title of ugliest shoes on the planet. In fact, it’s a title that the brand wear as a badge of honour, because the shoes themselves are so much more than a fashion appendage. Birkenstock shoes were conceptualised, once upon a time, to combat the unsatisfactory gap in the 1800s shoe market—a market that saw feet squashed into any number of shapes and styles that, today, would distress podiatrists everywhere. 

These shoes were in stark opposition to the evolutionary expectations of our feet—to roam bare and free over the land. As we don’t all live in Byron Bay, and shoes really have become essential, Birkenstock took matters into its own hands, engineering a shoe with an orthopaedic footbed that allows feet to breathe while maintaining the foot’s natural position. A good thing that is too, because if there’s anything the last two years have taught us, it’s that the only thing better than a hot girl summer, is a hot girl summer with her (foot) health in check.

While it’s true that ‘Birks’ have joined the ranks of Havianas and Dunlop Volleys in Australian footwear lore, they needn’t be relegated to the ‘ugly but comfortable’ status of its peers. There’s more to the Birkenstock than the two-strap Arizona we all know and love, and Vogue Australia’s fashion team—including myself, junior fashion and market editor—is here to prove it. 

For my ultimate guide to pairing the Birkenstock with the hottest trends from the resort 2023 season, read on.


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The Arizona

Don’t get me wrong. I also love a trusty Arizona. When choosing a pair of these bad boys, go for a hue from Birkenstock’s new colour range for a twist on the classic. A pair in fuchsia suede teamed with off-white linen pants and a crochet top—a look seen all over the resort runways—is a recipe for a Mykonos summer dream! 


SHOP NOW: Arizona SFB fuchsia tulip suede leather, $210 from Birkenstock


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The Zermatt

Relaxed suiting is fast becoming a staple in every Aussie girl’s wardrobe, but to subvert expectations, team your baggiest pants and boxiest blazer with Birkenstock’s woollen felt Zermatts. These Zermatts in summery peach can add the pop of colour that a demure outfit needs. If you’re donning a short suit, add socks for a quirky touch. 


SHOP NOW: Zermatt premium clay suede leather, $260 from Birkenstock


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The Honolulu

The Honolulu’s—also known as the elevated thongs—will allow you to live out your best Y2K dream look. Match these babies with a mini denim skirt, chunky studded belt, and a singlet top. Add a personalised necklace with your name and you’re good to go. 


SHOP NOW: Honolulu EVA in white, $72 from Birkenstock


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The Boston

It may come as no surprise that this year, fashion retailer and data repository, Lyst, named the Boston as one of the most sought-after shoe styles of 2022, so I’m sure you’ve seen these ones donned by many fashion savvy individuals. Pair these with your favourite scuffed-up biker jacket, leather mini shorts, and some thin woollen socks to put a cool twist on the styling of the shoe.


SHOP NOW: Boston roast embossed natural leather, $360 from Birkenstock


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The Kyoto

If you’re in the gorpcore scene, the Kyoto is the perfect shoe to ensure your ‘fit feels intentional and luxe rather than leaning too far in the daggy direction. Pair the Kyotos with baggy utility pants and a simple oversized tee for your casual summer uniform. 


SHOP NOW: Kyoto black canvas/nubuck leather, $333 from Birkenstock


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The Bend

Out with oversized chunky sneakers, in with the simple sneaker style! Keep the Bends cool and fashion-forward by pairing them with a longline maxi skirt, a simple blouse and a pair of cat-eye sunnies. 


SHOP NOW: Bend chocolate suede/premium leather, $436 from Birkenstock


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The Milano

The Milanos are like a hyped up Arizona— they’re quite chunky, so balance them out with softer and more feminine pieces. Pair these ones with a mini cotton dress or matching top and skirt set to toughen the look up.


SHOP NOW: Milano exquisite popcorn embossed natural leather, $395 from Birkenstock


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The Super Birki

If your style this summer is to derobe and hang by the pool all day, every day, in a bikini and hat, then elevate the look by choosing a shoe that will make a statement while remaining practical and waterproof.


SHOP NOW: Super Birki yellow polyurethane, $126 from Birkenstock


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The London

Boot cut jeans and a small cropped tee epitomises the minimalistic 90’s look. Teaming them with a pair of the Londons gives the look a contemporary edge.


SHOP NOW: London Tech QR buckle black natural/suede leather, $315 from Birkenstock


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Image credit: Getty Images

The Sonora

This resort season is all about pairing sexy with subdued. The Sonora are simple sandals that reflect this fashion philosophy perfectly when paired with sheer clothing—think a long sheer dress with a bikini underneath and lots of chunky jewellery.


SHOP NOW: Sonora cross town ochre waxy leather, $276 from Birkenstock